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The Bay Area is a very special place to live, with its own unique financial pressures.  Incomes can be high, but have not kept up with housing prices.  For those who do own their homes, a tremendous amount of household wealth can be tied up in home equity.  There are great companies to work for here, but that often doesn't make the path to retirement any more straight forward.  Locals may feel financial pressure and not know where to get advice on their options, or the referrals they need. 

Financial Planning Days are an amazing opportunity to access free, objective, no-strings-attached financial advice from CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professionals.  Advisors are volunteering their time, and are not allowed to hand out business cards or contact you afterwards.  This is advice only.  




Financial Planning Days are powered by qualified volunteers with a passion for giving back.

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Financial Planning Days happen all over the Bay Area multiple times per year.

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