What is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional? Why should I listen to them?

Although many professionals call themselves "financial planners," only Certified Financial Planner™ professionals have completed extensive training and are held to the highest ethical and educational standards.  They participate in Financial Planning Day as a way of giving back to their communities. 

Ok, I'll see you at Financial Planning Day!  What should I expect in my 1:1 with a CFP®?

Expect to spend 30 minutes going over whatever aspect of your finances you wish to talk about!  For example, many people take the opportunity to talk about their retirement accounts, get some advice on college funding, buying a home, or insurance needs. Expect a fresh perspective and some valuable guidance, but do not expect a comprehensive financial plan to be accomplished in this amount of time.  

What should I bring? 

Bring whatever documents you think will help the planner understand your situation.  This can include tax returns, bank statements, retirement statements, mortgage statements, credit card statements, paystubs, or Social Security statements.  Bringing documents on a laptop is great, but it's helpful to have PDFs already saved and easily accessible.

What else can I do at financial planning day?

Attend a workshop!  Each Financial Planning Day includes several workshops on various topics in financial planning.  Investing, Estate Planning, Budgeting, and Tax are just some of the topics that you can expect to see at an event. Find links to the workshop schedules as they come available on the Events page!